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How do I prepare my car for transport?

Any loose parts or specialty items should be removed or secured. Antennas should be lowered or removed if possible. There should be a proper supply of antifreeze in the radiator. The gasoline tank should not be more than a quarter full. Make sure the battery is secured, with no leaks and fluid levels should be low enough to allow for expansion in transit. Any tears in convertible tops should be sealed to avoid further damage during transit. Alarm devices should be deactivated. Finally, make sure that the vehicle is clean to allow for an accurate inspection at the pickup time.

Will my vehicle be driven?

Yes, but only by the transport driver to get it on and off the transport truck.

Can I specify an exact time for delivery and/or pickup of my vehicle?

Yes, in some cases, with advance notice, arrangements can be made for this service.

Do I have to be present when you pickup and/or deliver my vehicle?

It is preferred but you may have your designated representative present to sign the release form upon pickup, and to accept the vehicle upon delivery.

Can I put items in the vehicle?

No, we are not insured for household goods. The law specifically forbids automobile movers from transporting anything except your vehicle. The transport truck is inspected by the Department of Transportation agents at every state line and can be fined up to $10,000, if found to be carrying household items. Under no circumstances may a vehicle carry illegal substances, contraband, firearms or hazardous materials. The vehicle may be subject to impoundment, and in so, all fines and expenses will be passed on the owner of the vehicle.

How long does car transport take?

It depends on the origin and destination points. Please call our office for more details of your specific needs.

What does door to door service mean?

Door-to-Door means the driver will get as close to your home or pickup point as safely and legally possible. Transport trucks need a lot of room to move around. If access to your home is restricted by low-hanging trees, tight turns, narrow streets, or speed bumps, we ask that you meet the driver in a nearby parking lot.

How do I pay, what forms of payment are accepted for car shipping?

Team Richardson provides auto transport that is safe, reliable, and on-time. For deposit or full payment, we accept electronic transfer, cashier checks, and money orders. Company checks will be accepted from dealers and major corporations. For balance due, the carrier will only accept cash, cashier's check or postal money order.

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